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It's pretty clear that Republican Senators favor Special Interests and Companies over ordinary people

The Facts

If Democrats do not win those seats in Georgia, Mitch McConnell will retain control of the Senate. At that point, economic recovery will largely be at the hands of this one man. Historically — for the past 10 years — he has played the role of super-obstructor. Since Democrats took over the House in 2018, he has not looked at almost any of the many economic, cleantech, health, or infrastructure bills Democrats have put on his desk.

Senator Joe Manchin, WV
The Broken Flow of Legislation

ALL bills from the US House of Representatives should be voted on by the US Senate.
Mitch McConnel does not agree.

Changing the balance of power slightly would break the logjam that McConnel imposes. All bills passed by the US House of Representatives would get a chance to be voted upon by the US Senate. And then if they pass in the Senate by the President.

For example Supplemental Unemployment passed in the US House of Representatives Oct 1 as part of H.R.748. This legislation can't even get voted on in the US Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel won't allow it to come up for a vote in the US Senate.

One person stopping the flow of legislation is unacceptable and not fair to US Citizens who deserve more from Senator Mitch McConnel who swore an oath of impartiality.

Why it's important to all of US
About McConnels Obstruction
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